Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why Blog?

In one of my first college courses, we were required to keep a blog. In my first entry, I wrote about how I was not trendy, cool, nor witty enough to write a blog and how much I dreaded the assignment. A couple of years later, I decided to keep a blog during my three-month mission trip with Sozo Children in Montana. With the lack of cell phone service while in Montana, the blog became my main form of communication with friends and family. I started to share my innermost feelings on the blog and panicked when I saw the number of people of reading it on a daily basis and set the blog to private with a password.

In the past year, I have really started reading blogs on a more routine basis and have been quite surprised by how much I have related to the authors. As an introverted person, I have hard time sharing details of my personal life with friends and family let alone posting for everyone to read. I started to develop a deep admiration for bloggers for their vulnerability and honesty. While the thoughts of sharing my personal thoughts and feelings intimidated me, I longed to be part of the blogger world. 

After much contemplation and worry, I decided to do it and write my own blog. I don’t really have a plan as to which direction I would like to the blog to go, but hopefully it is one you will enjoy. Yes, I read a lot of fashion bloggers but I care about so much more than fashion so I want the blog to touch on pieces of things that interest me the most. 

I decided to call the blog Elle Paige & Henry. Elle Paige is the nickname my mom gave me in response to people always calling me Dani (more like Dannnnnnny), which I never enjoyed. Of course, no aspect of my life would be complete without my other half, Henry, so I decided to include him in the blog as well.

Maybe this blog is the start of an incredible journey that will lead to my childhood dreams coming true and I am able to star in a movie about my life or maybe no one besides my mom will read and I will stop writing in a few months. I guess you will have to read along to find out!

Here we go!

Danielle & Henry