Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Learning to Say NO!

One of the tougher lessons I have learned has been the value of saying "No."

I have a tendency to want to take on everything asked of me and do it all perfectly. (Read more about my lessons on perfection here.) But somewhere along the lines of teaching full time, tutoring part time, volunteering with my church, joining the Junior League, running in a running club, participating in FG4L, and serving on TFA committees, I reached my breaking point.

I had signed up for all of these commitments out of enjoyment but with so many things going on, they simply turned into items to check off a never ending to do list. I finished out my commitments and decided in 2014 that I was only going to focus on two. This was so hard for me to do because I really felt like I was "quitting." I worried about what the people within these organizations would think of me and if I would let them down.

As hard as it was, I picked my two commitments and the balance is so much more. Things that used to be just an item on the to do list, I once again look forward to and am able to commit myself more fully.

It's one of those tougher life skills to learn as sometimes it can be challenging to say no especially when the opportunities are so tempting. There are so many things that I care about and honestly, I wish I could do it all. But I know, that in order to do my best, I sometimes have to say no or at least "not right now."

Happy Hump Day!



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