Monday, August 11, 2014

Apartment Tour: Dining Area

I am excited to continue to share my apartment as part of the apartment tour series. Really, you can see my entire apartment from the moment you walk in, but I am trying to extend this series for as long as I can. 

I called this one the Dining Area because technically, its not its own room. It is the area where I eat all of my meals so I shall call it the Dining Area to give it a feeling of formality. I've always loved sitting at a table to eat dinner  and have never been one to enjoy a meal from the couch or the coffee table. Every breakfast and dinner, Henry lays under the table at my feet, never begging of course. 

My table actually came from my parent's house before junior year of college. I think its supposed to be a card table so the drawers are on the side are actually lined for games. Maybe one day I will invest in a different table, but for now, it does the trick. Audrey actually belonged to my mom when she had an apartment for work in Tampa. When I moved to Charlotte, she came with me. I picked up the placements on sale at Crate and Barrel. 

I dream of one day owning a fancy Society Social Bar Cart, so until that is feasible, I will have to settle for my bar tray. I'm actually not a big fan of liquor drinks, unless they are loaded with sugar, so I like to think of mine as a wine and champagne tray. I received a nice set of wine glasses and the gold polka decanter (Target Threshold, sadly no longer available) for Christmas. I love these shatter proof Go Anywhere Flutes for my champs! 

I picked up the blue vase on sale at Anthropologie last year, but have you seen the new Tory Burch home products? My Pinterest in swimming in all of the latest additions. 

Lastly, no room is complete with out a little Inslee. Obviously, I loved the Champagne Toast print. 



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