Monday, August 18, 2014

Apartment Tour: Living Room

This week, the apartment tour continues with my living room. I probably spend the most time in this room so it was really important that I made it both comfortable and stylish. 

The couches and chair are from Ikea. They aren't the least comfortable but they also aren't the most comfortable couches ever. I LOVE that they are slip covered and I probably wash them at least once a month. Henry spends more time on the couches than I do, so its nice to have an easy way to clean them. One day, I'll splurge on nicer couches, but for now, they do the trick. 

The pillows are a combination of Caitlin Wilson and Trenna Travis. I made the Trenna Travis ones myself with my sewing machine from my short lived design career freshman year of high school. I haven't mastered the zipper upgrade so the pillows have a hand sewn finish.  For $12 a yard, its a sacrifice I am willing to make. I've been day dreaming about Caitlin Wilson pillows for years so I splurged during a recent sale and purchased a few for my home. Definitely a good decision. Ikea has the best pillow inserts for $8!

I had a friend who custom made the window treatments and they are beautiful!! She doesn't have a website but I suggest you follow her Instagram, its worthy of your envy. 

And just like every other room, I have my Inslee prints. This room happens to have my favorite! For my 25th birthday, my mom had Inslee do a custom illustration of me and Henry. My hair is flowing ever so perfectly, its true she makes you thiner, and we are casually strolling past the most gorgeous peonies. I mean really, this may be my favorite gift I ever received. EVER. I also received the coffee mugs print as a gift from a sweet friend recently! 

Only one room left from my expansive apartment! Stay tuned! 



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  1. The prints you distributed all over your house are so pretty. They project your chic personality, and having them on your home helps accentuate that chic-ness. Hahaha! Anyway, the throw pillows are a nice addition to the grey couch. Adding those colors made the place look fun instead of dull. Thanks for the tour, Danielle! Have a nice day! :)

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer