Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How To Get An Interview

So you've crafted the perfect resume, spotted your dream job posted online, and are wondering what to do next. First, call me. Kidding. (But not really, a girl needs leads OK?) How do you make sure that the hiring manager sees your resume and cover letter that you spent hours working on only for them to read it for about 10 seconds? Do you do what everyone else does and submit your resume through the online portal then pray to the job gods that someone gives you a ring? No. 

If I were on the job hunt (not that I ever would be because I know Jeremy occassionaly reads this) I would start by figuring out who the hiring manager is and making sure they receive my resume. Once upon a time, this would have been far more difficult but thanks to LinkedIn and the internet, you can easily identify who you need to be talking to and quickly. If you are applying for an Analyst or Specialist position, seek out the Manager, Director, Senior Director, etc..  Once you've picked out one or two potential hiring managers for your dream job, you have a couple of approaches to get their attention. 

The more assertive option is to look up the number for the company, again using the internet, and call into the company and ask to speak to one of hiring mangers (use their name here.) Chances are, you will get a voicemail. But if the stars are aligned for you and they happen to pick up the phone, introduce yourself, share your interest in the position, and ask for their email so you can email them your resume and set up a time to speak in more depth about your experiences. If you get the voicemail, leave them a friendly message and your number to call you back. (I'm not kidding about the friendly part. Do you know how many boring messages people receive a day? Make it stand out.) 

The less assertive option but still preferable over the post and pray method, emailing. There are multiple ways to do this. One, use the internet (again so helpful that one) to look up company emails. Is it first initial last name @ company dot com? If so, try various options until your email is no longer bounced back. If the company has done a good job of hiding their employee emails, you can always use LinkedIn. First, send them a connection request. Once they accept, immediately send them a message on LinkedIn introducing yourself. Typically when people respond, you should be able to press reply directly from your email Inbox and there you have their golden email! Let's say a Director isn't accepting your request, find an Executive Assistant or someone at the company who will accept and use their email to crack the one you need!

Now the best method to ensure success... a mixture of both. Call the hiring manager at their desk, connect on LinkedIn, and email them. Make it so that they are so sick of your name they have no other choice but to call and discuss your background with you! More than likely, they will appreciate your assertiveness. 

Next on my career advice, how to successfully prepare for the phone interview. Stay tuned! 



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