Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kids Playing Adult

Up until recently, I have been on the same page as most of my friends in life. While we may have gone to different colleges, we were still all applying and starting college at the same time. When I arrived at school, I was surrounded by others who were making the same transition to college as I was and felt equally as anxious about the upcoming years. While our college experiences were vastly different, we were still all in college together. The first year after graduation, it was the same. While we all had different jobs across the country, we were all still navigating the transition to young adulthood together.

For the past year, I've noticed that we are all on different pages and even different chapters in our lives from everything to careers to relationships. Sometimes, I feel like we are still kids playing adult and I can't believe that this is my reality.

I think about our careers and how some of us are on a strict path to our dream career and others are still wandering. Some quickly received multiple promotions and even relocated to different cities (countries even) for new opportunities while others are still in the same spot where we started a few years ago.

I think about our education and how some us transitioned straight out of school to graduate school and now have our MBAs or are Doctors or Lawyers and others are starting their applications.

I think about our living situations and how some of us live on our own and others with roommates. Some of us are renting, others are buying homes, and some even building brand new houses.

I think about relationships and how some have been happily married for years and others of us haven't been on a date since January. Some of us are eagerly awaiting the engagement ring and others are ending long term relationships.

I think about children and how some of my friends have multiple beautiful young babies, some think of our pets as children, and others are terrified at the mention of a baby.

At times, I feel overwhelmed wanting it all and feel inadequate compared to my peers. I want a career that lands me on one of many "30 Under 30" lists, I want the graduate degree to deepen my credibility in one of my passions, I want to own my home that is beautifully decorated, and I would like to at least go on a date. (Not reaching for the stars here.)

Then, I remind myself that it will all come at its own time. I can't think of anyone really who has mastered all of the milestones yet and we are all doing so at completely different paces. Some days, I feel so far ahead and other days, I feel like I am falling behind.

For the first time, the question where do you see yourself in five years, has a wide range of answers. As much as I love to plan, I honestly have no idea what my life will look like in five years and have given up on trying to plan for it.

For the moment, I am proud of where I am and anxious to see where my journey takes me on a timeframe that fits my schedule.

Until then, I will keep being a kid playing adult.




  1. Hi! Just saw your blog off Design Darling and I love this post. I'm right on the cusp of what you are dealing with since I am graduating a semester early in December and then hopefully going to grad school, but there are no guarantees. Life is one big roller coaster of emotion for sure! :)

    1. Hi Allie!

      So glad you found the post helpful. I graduated college a semester early so I definitely know what you are going for! Best of luck as you figure things out and I hope you stop by again soon.