Friday, September 12, 2014

26 by 26: Run 2 Half Marathons

Last week, I shared my Trapeze Flying Lessons as part of my 26 by 26 List in honor of my birthday month. (Less than two weeks away, not that I have a countdown or anything!) This week, I thought I would share one of the goals I did not accomplish and a little backstory as to why. I set the goal of running two half marathons while I was 25 and I only did one.

This past year, my Mom really wanted to do The New York City Half Marathon in March. It's pretty difficult to get in through lottery but if you purchase a race entry and hotel room through one of their travel partners, its a bit more expensive but feasible so I surprised with her with two entries for her Christmas present. I didn't fully think this one through as the race was in New York City in March. I imagined flowers blooming and temperatures maybe in the 40s in the morning but warming up to the 60s by time we finished our race. I was wrong. Very Wrong.

When we boarded our bus at 4:00 AM outside of our hotel it was 23 degrees outside. Yes, 23 and luckily for us, a little windy. Mom and I were shivering so terribly we hid in port a potties to keep warm outside of the starting line in Central Park. As the faster starters were shedding their leaders in preparation to start, we were collecting foil blankets and sweatshirts to keep warm. 

Once we started moving, it really was a fun race. The race starts in Central Park and weaved around the park before heading through Times Square, along the West Side Highway, and then through a tunnel to the finish line. We were all smiles for the photographers! 

Upon our finish (Mom 11 seconds ahead of me) it had warmed up to maybe 25 degrees. It was then that I vowed to not do my second half marathon of the year. Quickly after finishing, I had an asthma attack which turned into hypothermia and time in the medical tent surrounded by numerous doctors, nurses, and talks of taking my clothes off to get me dry. (AHH!) While terrifying, I survived what I named my near death experience and vowed that the NYC Half was a great way for me to end my short lived half marathon career. 

This meant, not meeting one of my 26 by 26 goals I set for myself, but I was OK with it. Deep down, I knew this promise wouldn't last forever and Mom and I have since signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. While, I am not proud of myself for how I handled the hypothermia incident and missing one of my goals, I think its important to share my not so glamorous experiences here as well. Sometimes, you don't make all of your goals for yourself but its equally as important to keep going and simply not give up. 

Happy weekend!




  1. I think that you finished ONE half-maraton is INCREDIBLE! Still something to be proud of! And yes ... it was crazy freezing in March this year! :)

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    1. Thanks Jen! The next one is in February ... in Florida. I think I will be better off! :)

  2. Mother/Daughter anythings are great!! Congrats to you both!!!

  3. what a scary/crazy ending to that race. wow I am impressed that you did it and you are on to your next one. I am trying to train for one right now and it is a lot harder then I thought! thanks for sharing your goals...


    1. Thanks Beth! It was a crazy ending but definitely a fun race. I hope yours will have some warmer weather!