Tuesday, September 2, 2014

48 Hours in Napa

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. Mine was definitely a whirlwind but an insane amount of fun. Some of my good friends, Troy and Kari, were getting married in Napa on Saturday so I made a quick trek across the country to celebrate with them. My flight landed at 10:30 PM on Friday and left at Sunday (technically Monday) at 12:10 AM. I thought I would share how I spent the 49.5 hours I was there in case you weren't following along on social media

We started Saturday morning with a 10 AM tasting in the Reserve Room at BV. We had the best server (not sure if this was his actual title) who spent time explaining the flavors in each of the wines we tasted to us and teaching us how to properly taste wine. It took several tries, but I mastered the art of trilling. 

We then went to a tasting and a tour at Provenance Vineyards.  

We picked these grapes from the vineyard and then tasted the wine they make from these grapes. I was amazed by how identical the flavors were. 

Unfortunately, the vineyard did receive some minor damage from the recent earthquake so the tour had to be cut short. We were able to sample wine straight from one of the barrels. 

I'm a bit of a nerd and loved Chemistry so I really enjoyed checking out the tasting room the winemakers were working in. 

White wine is stored in the large steel barrels and red wine is stored in the wood barrels. Now, where can I find an extra large straw to enjoy with? 

But seriously, this view. Can I live here please? 

Saturday evening, we had the wedding and it was the most spectacular event I've ever been to. Everything from the hysterical ceremony, the food, drinks, decor, entertainment was stunning. How beautiful is this path through the vineyard? 

The wedding was hosted by Troy's Dad and Stepmother at their vineyard, Meteor Vineyard.  Their 2008 Cabernet was served in the wine lounge and I must say, I am a fan!

One of the many food stations during the two hour dinner, An Homage to Corn. The fried corn fritters with bacon jam and corn and feta salad were to die for. 

The beautiful couple! 

What wedding is complete without aerial dancers in the trees. 

While the dessert and ice cream bars were incredible, my favorite part was the wedding cake. Troy and Kari introduced me to Momofuku on a trip to New York a couple years ago. The cake had various layers, but I stuck with my favorite the Birthday Cake. I read an article about the Chef/Owner Christina Tosi in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine and definitely recommend it. (Since it is my birthday month, if anyone was curious as to what to get me, I wouldn't mind a cake delivery!) 

Sunday morning, we had brunch at the beautiful Napa Valley Country Club. 

Any brunch with a variety of cronuts is fine by me!

After brunch, we stopped by Sterling Vineyard for one final wine tour and tasting. This was definitely the Disney World of wine tours including a gondola ride to the top of the vineyard for a tasting with spectacular views. 

Getting more use out of my favorite summer dress before fall rolls around. 

Lot's of wine. 

On the way to the airport, we stopped in San Francisco for dinner. I've seen the sights before but have never driven over the Golden Gate Bridge. I played the intro to Full House in my head the entire time. 

San Fran is so colorful. I definitely have city envy of anyone living there. 

Per Troy's recommendation, we visited Trick Dog for dinner. I got what appears to be a hot dog, but it's actually a burger. Get it? Trick Dog. Anyways, it was delicious. 

I took the red eye back and was so happy to be reunited with Henry. I honestly can't stand to be away from him for more than a day so maybe 48 hours is my ideal trip length? I love beautiful weekends spent with great friends and good food (and wine.) Hope you had a great weekend! I would love to hear all about it. 



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  1. The beautiful setting pretty much took care of the event. Not to mention the fact that these guys at location for vows were flexible in allowing us to really make the experience our own.