Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Slowing Down

I can't remember the last time when I left work and simply came home with nothing to do. I have an inability to sit still so I tend to overbook myself until I reach the point of exhaustion, which has been this week.

The last few weeks have all passed by in a blur of trips to Napa, playing host to what can only be described as the modern plague for a week, running, training, sore muscles, walks with Henry, trips to Charleston, Faith Formation Classes, Shake It Off and sadly, an entire package of Oreos. While I pack my life with nonstop, fun things to do, I know that I need rest more and I have not given myself much rest the past few weeks.

We got back to Charlotte around noon on Saturday but by time I unpacked, did laundry, went to Target, went to Whole Foods, cooked dinner, went through the mail, and checked my email it was past six before I actually sat down to breathe. I quickly went full speed ahead and dove into a busy week with two workiversaries (yay celebrations) but I quickly noticed that I needed my rest.

First, on Monday, I baked a cookie cake as requested for a workiversary on Tuesday. I didn't drink enough water that day and had a horrible headache but forced myself to go to yoga to stretch since I am pretty sure I have an injury so by time I got home with all of the ingredients for the cookie cake and did my baking, it was 9:30 (late by my standard) and I was standing in the kitchen with a splitting headache just waiting for it to cool enough to add frosting. I thought I had waited patiently, until the next morning when I discovered a sunken in concoction that was later described as a poop cake. Yay me. Tuesday, I went to work, went to my trainer, drove like a maniac per usual and came home to make cupcakes as requested for the second workiversary of the week (we need to stop hiring people in September, its my month!) I was pretty impressed with my flow and proud of my self control to eat a banana instead of the cake batter. Waited till all the cupcakes were done and was letting them cool completely before I was ready for frosting. After an hour had passed, I pranced to the kitchen eager to frost my cupcakes and call it a night. I go to lift the cupcakes out of the pan and find myself confused as to why they are sticking. I try my usual methods of flipping over the pan and then it hits me, I forgot to use cupcake liners. While I fight back tears on my second baking fail in a row (and I pride myself on my baking), I crumbled the chocolate chip cookie cupcakes into what was later named "mush." All the while, Henry has taken to a strong fascination of eating as many q-tips as possible. (Seriously, I've raised a weirdo.) In efforts to move past this catastrophe and losing my self proclaimed title of bakeralla, I decide to be proactive and iron my clothes for work the next day since I had to be there early for an interview. And what do I do? I decided to redesign my lovely shirt with the pattern of burnt iron. Ruined. At this point, I was near mental breakdown and just unplugged the iron and went to my room and cried myself to sleep. (Dramatic, I know. But crying makes everything better.)

So, if you are still reading after my saga, this is my proclamation of slowing down. Committing to less, taking my time, relaxing, and enjoying this life that I live instead of letting it all pass by in blurs that lead to tears.

Of course, I've overcommitted myself for the next few days but just wait till this weekend! I plan to slow down (or at least attempt to.)




  1. Oh my, you definitely sound busy. Sometimes it can just be so hard to slow down and not overbook your schedule.
    xo Nan - Simply Elegant Blog

    1. So hard but I plan to use this weekend to come up with a better plan for myself! :)