Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Henry's Favorite Collars: Pecan Pie Puppies

Henry here. As a dapper young man, my accessory options are limited to well... collars. I always know when one's arrived because Mom excitedly opens the package in her well known Henry voice. (I can't pronounce my Rs.) Once I know the package is for me, I excitedly bounce around the apartment eager to show off my newest addition to collection. Mom usually wants to Insta so I get ready for picture overload and do my best to pose appropriately in the square. 

I've been known to have expensive taste when it comes to my collars (wonder where I inherited that quality.) One year, for Christmas, I so kindly requested that Santa please bring me a custom made needlepoint collar that was available for a steel of $150. Sadly, I was on the naughty list that year and did not receive it. 

This past year, Mom discovered Pecan Pie Puppies through Instagram, of course.  I love them! Their collars are perfect for the classically inclined stylish pup like myself. They have a pretty impressive collection of both Everyday Collars and Bow Ties. The bow ties come with the matching collar and are easily removable if you are looking for a more casual look. 

Here I am sporting the Navy Polka Dot .

Navy Seersucker for a day at the beach in Charleston! 

I've even converted my friends to Pecan Pie Puppies fans! Here, my brother, Sam, is prancing down the dock in the Navy Gingham. I have the Navy Gingham collar, but sadly, no matching bow tie. 

Trying to decide on a new option for the fall and of course, the holidays are quickly approaching. This Classic Navy Tartan is Mom's favorite, and she loves this Blackwatch Plaid option, and I adore this Royal Blue Tartan bow tie. Mom has a Black and White Houndstooth skirt so I am thinking we may have to do Mommy & Son matching outfits. 

Whew, this was exhausting. Back to sleep. 



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