Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Everygirl

That is me. On the front page of The Everygirl. I knew it was coming. I did pose for the pictures and do the interview, but I am still waiting to wake up from this incredibly surreal dream. I remember the day when I returned to my cubicle upstairs after lunch and checked my email to see a message from Danielle Moss, one of the co-founders, asking to do a Career Profile on me for The Everygirl. I squealed in my most high pitch of a squeal and quickly ran downstairs to tell Ashley and then of course called my Mom all before actually responding to Danielle to say, yes please feature me! I did the interview with Jackie who has become one of Instagram friends and Jessica from JJ Horton Photography came to my office to take pictures for the feature. Jessica and I've become such good friends through this that she is going to be photographing the Calligraphy Workshop next week. 

Despite all of the preparation and anticipation, I was so happy that moment that I typed theeverygirl into my browser (naturally, it came up before I could finish because I visit the site so frequently) and saw my name and picture there on the homepage. As I read the article and looked through the pictures, I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and accomplishment. I wasn't supposed to be the every girl. Statistics showed that I would not be successful. But I did it and I am so happy. I start each day with a prayer for guidance to be the best possible version of myself (some days I think I do better than others) and today as I was overwhelmed by all the kind message, I felt like I did it. (More of a big moment, than a tiny moment, but still, a moment.) I try my best to live a committed life and to always put others before myself and as I sat there today reading my feature, I am proud of who I am. This is just the beginning.

My heart is full as I received so many sweet, kind comments from friends both old and new. Please know that each of you have shaped my life and I would not be who I am without every single one of you.

Now, enough with the mushy-ness. I thought I would share some of the pictures and sources for the outfit and desk decor as I have seen some comments today asking where things came from!

Details on the outfit can be found in this post

I realize I go overboard with my desk decor. I spend about ten hours per day in that sweet cubicle, you bet its going to be beautiful and overwhelmingly pink. I did a post a few weeks ago on my favorite desk decor sites.

I'll give Mackenzie a special shout out because these beauties can all be found in her adorable online shop, Design Darling

I don't drink coffee so I always repurpose coffee mugs. This one is from Ashley Brooks Designs. #iloveABD

Of course, I use a phone case by The Everygirl. I also love Sugar Paper LA notebooks. 

They probably won't love me for this one, but I could not make it through the day without this team

Hi Charlotte!

And my absolute favorite picture from the article goes to this guy right here! Is he handsome or what? Those eyes, I melt. 

Seriously, thank you to everyone who has been reading along and those who have recently joined. Glad to have you along for this thing called life! 

Here the link to my Career Profile on The Everygirl

With the deepest gratitude, 


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  1. Danielle, I came across your article and I loved your story on how you got your current job..Also your cubicle is so inspirational. Before you had this job, how did you figure out your schedule especially having a dog. I have a dog myself and have been pretty lucky that my bf works a bit of a different schedule than me, but would love to hear from other dog owner's, especially when you're commute is 40 min long.