Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Event: Modern Calligraphy Workshop

I've officially hosted my first event as a blogger and it could not have gone more perfectly! If you remember, I posted the invite to the Modern Calligraphy Workshop back in November. I spent months collaborating with Lydia, the talented calligrapher, Samantha who so graciously set us up at Cottage Chic, Jessica who offered to share her incredible photography skills, and MK from Hey Sugar Shop who made the most delicious cookies for us all to enjoy.  It was exciting to plan such a festive event and definitely kicked me into holiday spirit (not that I needed any help.) 

My friend Emily spent Saturday hustling around Charlotte with me collecting garland, ribbon, champagne, signs, and all of the other fun stuff to make the event beautiful! Cottage Chic is effortlessly beautiful already so we didn't need to do much to spruce up the space. 

I've never taken a calligraphy class myself but Lydia and the girls made it look so easy! Seriously, these girls were ready for wedding invites after their first session. I was so impressed! Everyone enjoyed sipping some champagne and snacking on the life changing sugar cookies and cake truffles. I may have tasted one too many before the guests even arrived. 

Henry joined the ladies for the day and had a great time hosting everyone at Cottage Chic. He helped a few ladies with their shopping, prayed for a cookie to be dropped on the floor, had his ears rubbed more than he could possibly need, sang his favorite song as a siren passed by, and posed for as many photos as he could for Jessica. Check out some of her beautiful photos below and more posted on her personal blog

My pretend home for the day!

Seriously, can I live here? 

Lydia sent all of the participants home with more than they could possibly need! 

It's exhausting being Henry. 

Natural calligraphers! 

I promise, these are the best cookies. Ever. 

Henry helping the ladies with some shopping. 

"Mom, I'm not in the mood."  

One of the bestest friends a girl could ask for! 

Thank you to everyone who made this event so fun and everyone for attending! I loved meeting each of you and hope to see you around Charlotte soon!



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