Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Adventures of Henry in Uptown Charlotte

Search Solution Group recently won a digital billboard giveaway to be featured in uptown Charlotte. As an added bonus, The Charlotte Observer asked to do a feature on us which included a photograph with the billboard of the entire office and the dogs. I was a little hesitant to bring Henry along but since his presence was requested, I thought "how bad could it be?" So last Thursday, around 12:00 (prime lunchtime in case you were wondering) we loaded up my car and headed uptown. After barking at bikes and jumping around during the climb through the five levels of the parking garage, I thought about just sitting in the car and skipping out on the company photo but mustered the courage to walk the city streets. 

Ok, so maybe I was over reacting. Look at Hens casually sitting on the corner patiently waiting to cross at the cross walk. 

Here we are mid cross walk, all smiles. City pup.  

But Mom, I just love the crosswalk. I can see that we are out of time, but I am not ready to fully cross yet. Oh horns are honking, that sounds fun? Should I bark back? 

People! Everywhere. You seem nice. Hi, let me lick you. Hi, let me rummage through your bag really quickly. Oh, what did you get for lunch? I like that. Kisses for everyone!

Seafood? Steaks? Let me run!!

While we survived the adventure, I don't think we will be going back uptown anytime soon. At least the company photo turned out great and the feature is definitely worth a read!




  1. that looks like a fun adventure with henry! love it!!!
    great outfit also


    1. Oh why thank you! I love to dress up a sweatshirt! :)