Friday, January 16, 2015

My Dream Career

As you all know, I care deeply about women in the workplace. I enjoy articles like this one and I even had my career profiled on The Everygirl. But each day, when I leave the house to head into work, I can't help but think that I have really missed my true calling... a stay at home dog mom.

Every morning, I wake up to my first alarm and snuggle with Henry until the second alarm starts to jingle. At which time, he bounces off the bed in a frenzy, I feed him, and then we go outside. Once back, I quickly get ready for work while listening to the news then I make breakfast for myself and catch up on social media while Henry follows me around occasionally posing for an #ootd picture. Then comes the dreaded part, I have to leave for work. Henry has these eyes. Well, they could be set to a Sara McLachlan song and you would instantly invest every dime you have because it seems like the only logical thing to do. Before I leave, I tuck Henry in - either the couch or my bed depending on his mood, and then make sure the TV is on and one set of blinds is open and then we have a brief kiss session where I drown my outfit in dog hair and tell him repeatedly how much I love him and how I can't wait to come home to him that night. I then head to my car and fight back tears as I leave my sweet baby home. I do this... every. single. day. Issues, I know!

Each day, on my way out, I just think how lovely it would be if I were a stay at home dog mom. Think about it. We could wake up at our leisure and snuggle in bed all morning long. I could probably be more diligent with his food and nutrition. One morning this week in a state of partial slumber, I threw a handful of treats on the floor for breakfast instead of his dog food. It wasn't until he sat in front of the closet door with his food that I realized what I had done.

We could go on long strolls together with the other stay at homes and Henry could make a few new friends in the community. Puppy play dates anyone? He could even potentially work on being able to walk an entire mile without laying down and rolling around in the grass. This goal may be a bit too lofty but I think the former half marathon trainer could push it to his youthful levels of athleticism with a stay at home.

Henry has thought about dabbling into the social media world but we haven't had the time to commit. Imagine the Instagram cuteness that would follow from Henry with a stay at home and an Instagram account. Double tap.

They days would be perfect. Time spent snuggling on the couch together binge watching our favorite Netflix series. We could snack on apples more often instead of just during our nightly routine. Even have time to read a few books together. (Henry loves books by the way. Last summer, he enjoyed them so much, he ate five books!)

I am not sure logistically how this would work. How would we pay our bills? Maybe Henry could take up modeling, start performing, or do singing lessons (he does have the voice of an angel.) Hmm... I am not too sure at the moment which is why this career will have to stay a "dream career." At least its the weekend and we can have two days of bliss before the painful five days of daytime separation.

Still dreaming...



PS. Yes, I realize how ridiculous this post sounds. Yes, I am partially kidding. I say partially because each day, I do think about how simply wonderful this life would be.

Photos by the every so talented JJ Horton Photography 


  1. You may be joking... (btw this is hilarious), but this sounds like a dream!

    1. I was going for the comical approach, but it definitely is a dream of mine! :)