Wednesday, February 18, 2015


For some reason, I've always really enjoyed Lent. Growing up, we always had a big celebration and parade on Fat Tuesday where we put the "Alleluia!" in a box until Easter and I am sure at some point I was allowed to carry the box or read during mass so its always been meaningful for me and has remained one of those school traditions imprinted in my memory like Field Day.  Maybe its the challenge of remembering to fast and give up meat on Fridays or the challenge of actually committing to giving something up for forty days. I also enjoy the simplicity of Lent. It's a meaningful season in the church and it's not surrounded by all of the hustle of gift buying associated with Christmas. 

Every year, I try to practice giving up something but also in return dedicating myself to deepening my faith in some way. I've given up fried food, cookies, cake, chocolate (numerous times), eating out, and meat but every year I cheat myself out of what I know would be the hardest sacrifice... sweets. I am convinced my body needs more sugar than the average person and I am seriously concerned about my health and ability to survive over the upcoming 40 days. I am sure Easter Sunday will result in me in a sugar coma similar to that time I gave up meat and then overindulged in the all you can eat buffet on Easter Sunday at the Madren Center. 

I've done different things to deepen myself as well. I've spent time praying for people I don't like - this one is actually difficult. Its easy to pray for family and friends, but more challenging to pray for those who you don't necessarily like. I've dedicated more time to reading the Bible. I've been complimentary. I've prayed for different family and friends on each day (you know how you always tell people you will pray for them, well this way, you are reminded to seek out what you need to be mindful of with your intentions.) I am working on something again this year, but that one is going to be more personal so I can really challenge myself with my good intentions. 

I hope you have a way to make your Lenten season meaningful to you. Wish me luck with my sweets! 



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