Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Outfit: Blackwatch Tartan Blazer

I've written about my love for tartan before so I'll try not to sound too repetitive with this post. I received this tartan blazer for Christmas. Santa remembered me liking it in Brooks Brothers so went back to get it when they had a holiday sale. Sadly, it's no longer available online but here is a similar one from J.Crew.  I paired with my navy, lace J.Crew skirt and gray cotton J.Crew tee. I picked up these over the knee black suede Tory Burch boots on sale in January at Monkees of Charlotte and love them. I always thought of over the knee black boots as more lady of the evening and less Duchess Kate Middleton, but I've taken to them surprisingly well.

As much as I've enjoyed the winter wardrobe, this girl is ready for Spring.



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