Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My eBay Shop!

As mentioned in Monday's post, I decided to follow The Everygirl's advice for purging my closet and consigning items on eBay. As a warning, this is a huge undertaking and the entire process took much more time than I initially anticipated. I started on Saturday by purging my closet. Admittedly, I am too attached to my clothing (see below.) I have the tendency to hang on to things in the hopes that it will fit again or I will find myself in the perfect situation where I can wear it again. I've always had a strict "have I worn this item in the past year?" rule and found myself wearing things just to say that "yes, I have worn it, so its a keep!"

Following the purge, I sorted everything in to donation and consign piles. Donations were items that were too worn to possibly make money off of or had major noticeable stains or tears. I then sorted the consignment piles into spring/summer and fall/winter. Once my entire apartment resembled a distribution center with clothes spread out so far Henry was crying because there wasn't an available couch/bed for him to sleep on, I started the eBay preparations.

I made sure everything was freshly pressed (dangerous as I tend to burn things... not the most domesticated) which took a few hours. Then, I had to photograph my items. I staged an area in my room (the only room with white walls in my apartment) with plenty of natural sunlight. I used a command strip so I could easily hang things and not have a door/mirror in the background. I used a hanger I received as a bridesmaid present with my name on it, which made all of the listings look more fun. I made sure to photograph the front, back, embellishment details, labels, and materials tag. After completing this process in a few hours, I uploaded the items to eBay. It actually takes a bit longer than I anticipated from the app as there are a lot of questions about the product, descriptions, details on condition, size, brand, etc.. that you have to enter in order to post.

So far this week, I've made six sales (wahoo!) and am hoping to make a bit more since I invested so much time in this adventure! I decided to include shipping in my asking price - it seemed a bit tricky to have to estimate shipping for each piece. I am open to accepting offers, but only looking to do that for bundles of items since I will save on shipping.

Hopefully, there is something you like! I posted a few of my favorites below and you can shop my eBay shop here!

I've had this Tibi top for a while. I wore it to a concert with one of my best friends in high school and I wore it during my first round of sorority recruitment at Clemson (with white shorts.)

I love this Lilly dress. Sadly, I was only tiny enough to fit into the size 2 for like a month. 

This is my favorite Lilly dress. Ever. I love it and had a really hard time listing it because part of me wants to save it incase I one day have a little girl who loves Lilly as much as I do. Also, my best friend in college had the same dress in navy and we thought it was fun to wear matching Lilly dresses. 

I love this Kate Spade dress. The bow says it all. Sadly, I outgrew it. 

Summer 2011, I lived in this skirt. I wore it multiple times a week I think. Still in great condition. 

These shorts are the best! Again, I only lasted in a size 2 for a brief period in 2013 and I don't think there any hope of returning to that size. But, I love them! 



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