Friday, March 20, 2015

New York

I can't believe a week has already passed since I left for New York. I know most of my northern friends in the south despise it, but I love the city. I had the best few days with my family and was able to see so many of my friends while in the city, all the while eating entirely way more than I should and running a half marathon! 

My flight left Charlotte at 7:00 and I was fast asleep in my seat long before take off, so I was happy this view of the sunrise woke me up before landing so I could appreciate it. 

We stayed at The Ritz Central Park (slightly to the right of the Plaza in this picture.) Fortunately, I was with my parents because this is certainly not the type of New York I would be able to experience on my own. Everyone at The Ritz is lovely. They learn your name rather quickly and everyone calls you Miss. I felt like I was living 100 years ago during the time of The Biltmore or my dreams had really come true and I was indeed, Kate Middleton. 

We ate. ALOT. (Sorry, Holly.) Friday, we dined at Sarabeth's for brunch and while I was proud of myself for ordering french toast (no meat) I accidentally ordered a side of their chicken sausage. It's ok though, because the entire weekend was one giant lenten fail. (I'm convinced St. Peter is going to be standing outside the gates of heaven holding a warm chocolate chip cookie when its my time.) My parents love going to Patsys in New York so we went on Friday before seeing The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Hilarious show, I highly recommend. Having just got back from Uganda, I could definitely relate to pieces of the performance. (In the, I am a Christian and came her with my cape on to save these people, kind of way.) 

Saturday was rainy and icky, so we met up with my friend Krista and her boyfriend, Drew, for lunch at The Meatball Shop and then wandered around the American Museum of Natural History. Ok, I strongly recommend The Meatball Shop. The lunch, was love. But the dessert. Mmmm. Homemade ice cream sandwiches. The entire concept is fun. Selecting your meatballs, the sauce, how you want them made, all pretty impressive. Then, you can select which homemade ice cream you want nestled between two delicious home made cookies. Krista and I decided to share but she decided to stick to her lenten promise of no cookies (good girl) while I indulged. By time we finished brunching, it was pretty late in the day but we decided to hit up the museum and do as much as we possibly could in the time remaining which became pretty exhausting. We visited ocean life, the planetarium, African mammals, dinosaurs, and a bunch of other exhibits that all blur together at this point. We parted ways after the museum, and my parents and I went to Parm for our pre-race pasta meal. (We were definitely on an Italian kick this trip.) 

Sunday morning was the race! I'll do more on that in a different post but it was one of the best runs I've had in a while - so overall, pretty enjoyable! 

Sunday, my friend, Sam, traveled in from Providence to spend the day with us which made me oh so happy! We brunched at The Standard which had now become our #nychalf post race tradition. I had a burger which was delicious, and the cheddar grits, but the cinnamon doughnuts are delicious. I think I could consume multiple orders, all on my own. After our lengthy brunch, we wandered down to Soho where met up with Krista and Drew again and another one of my friends Derek, who taught with me at Harding and now works for TFA in the city. I loved having Krista, who has been my friend for the past 15+ years, with Sam and Derek who taught with me in Charlotte, and my parents all in once place. I could have stayed all night, but sadly, they all had work the next day and lives to get back to (and travel too.) 

When you become as depressed as I was about leaving the city, the only reasonable response is to eat Momofuku cake in bed. I love momofuku cake truffles, which are actually my favorite, but my family and I decided to split a cake and I may have a had a few cake truffles too (again, sorry Holly.) 

These are a bit out of place but on Friday (two days before our half) Mom and I thought it would be a great idea to go ice skating in Central Park. Fortunately, no injuries to report so it makes the outing a lot more fun. I really think I missed my life calling of Ice Princess by growing up in Florida. Once I had built up my confidence from a lap or two on the ice, I made friends with a lovely ten year old who impressed me with all of her tricks and while I tried to imitate her skills, she suggested I sign up for the adult Skate Academy. I could be "really good." One day, young friend. 

 Back to the simple life. At least I have Henry in Charlotte.