Monday, March 30, 2015

NYC Half Round 2

Again, I am a few weeks late on the half marathon post. Having learned our lessons from last year's half (read more here,) we came prepared to compete in our Nike Hyperwarm Technology attire and foil blankets. Considering it was about 20 degrees warmer than it was last year, we may have been a bit over-prepared but I didn't get hypothermia nor did we spend time huddled together in a port-a-potty to keep warm, so I will consider it a win! 

Having run the course twice now, I feel like I can say with credibility, it's my favorite. (Definitely beats Disney.) The half starts in central park, you run up along the upper east side, cross over to the upper west side for a loop, reenter the park for a few miles (with hills), exit the park at 7th Ave, run through Times Square, cross over to the Westside Highway, push through a tunnel, and end near battery park. You get to see so much of the city and there are people cheering for you every step of the way. My favorite cheerleader was a British lady who in her most perfect accent exclaimed "elegant collarbones ladies!" For the rest of the race, I didn't hunch at all! I made sure I was poised, with elegant collarbones, making the British proud! 

The best part of this race, we finished in our best time, under two hours, and no trips to the medical tent after! Can't wait for next year's race! 

Pre-race. Wrapped, warmly, in our foil blankets. We stayed uptown this year, which I highly recommend. Post race, we had to walk a bit to get an Uber, but it was so nice to walk out the door and be at the race entrance. 

Somewhere in the park. 

Times Square. This is always one of my favorite parts. I think I take minutes off of my normal mile pace. 

Elegant collarbone! 

We did it!

See you next year, New York!



PS. I've been thinking about trying to qualify for the NYC Marathon. Thoughts? 

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