Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend feels like it was way more than just an hour short! Definitely went by way too quickly (like most weekends too.) Friday afternoon, I had very few plans but it turned out to be a pretty fun weekend. Friday night, one of my friends and grabbed a pasta dinner and I may have overindulged on manicotti (sorry Holly) and then we discovered The Parent Trap was on and spent the rest of the evening reciting every line before Lindsay Lohan and loving every moment of it. 

Saturday, Emily and I had signed up for an aerial fitness class with Air Charlotte. I may be slightly obsessed. It was so much fun, it didn't even feel like a work out (until Sunday.) We used the promo code AIRCHARLOTTE, to take the class for $1 but now I am trying to figure out how I could rearrange my budget to do it more. Remember when I took a trapeze class? Well this confirmed it, I was really meant for the circus. Expect to see me in a Circ Du Solei audition soon. Don't worry, we took all of the pictures post work out. 

To reward ourself for hard work, we went to littleSpoon. I follow @littlespooneatery on all social media but I am rarely up and functioning in time to make it there before they sell out of their pop tarts. Not this week. There was a wait and Emily convinced them to save one of the final PB & J Poptarts for us to share. We ate it too quickly for photographs, but I highly recommend ordering. We then split, Cinnamon Brioche toast (my favorite), a hash brown, egg, and sausage scramble, a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, and then chicken biscuits which were to die for. They were like fancy Chick Fil A chicken biscuits with a garlic aioli. The staff there is awesome and they also brought us over some lamb sausage to try and a few samples from a fresh slab of bacon. Em and I are co-Presidents of the clean plate club so we definitely ate too much and vowed not to eat the rest of the day...

That night, Em and her pup Leonard came over for pizza, wine, and a free On Demand movie courtesy of Time Warner Cable. We watched The Theory of Everything which I actually enjoyed. (I rarely watch movies.) In true fashion, we Googled Stephen Hawkins' biography before watching the movie so we knew just what to expect and confirmed the movie with online biographies throughout. 

After reading this article on The Everygirl, I decided to try launching my own eBay shop. I will share more on that this week, but so far, I've dedicated about 10 hours to this project (cleaning out my closet, sorting the clothes, pressing the clothes, snapping pictures, and now listing on eBay) and no one has made a purchase yet. Fingers crossed I at least make something to make my invested time worthwhile. 

I'm off to New York this upcoming weekend for the NYC Half. I am so excited to be back in the city and see my parents and so many of my friends. I plan to do a little cheating on Lent there (#sorrynotsorry.) 

Cheers to a four day work week! 




  1. Share the link to your eBay store- I know some readers that wouldn't mind shopping your closet!

    1. I am still trying to figure it out but here you go!