Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

Once again, the weekend went by way too quickly. Thought I would do a quick share of my weekend here.

On Friday, Emily and I went to Unwined at the Whitewater Center. For the first hour, we went on a paddle boarding adventure. Adventure, yes. I've paddle boarded before and thought I would do just fine, however at one point, during the trail, I glided over a root that gave me a bit of uneasiness and I tumbled over quite quickly. As it was two feet of water, I tried to stand up but it was that murkish muddy water that acted like quicksand and while I was trying to stand, I kept sinking deeper and deeper into the mud. Thank goodness for my life vest because I then proceeded to float and flair about and until the guide brought my board over to me and I laid on top shaking waiting for him to bring me my paddle. Fortunately, the hour of paddle boarding was followed by a dinner and wine tasting. (No fear, I brought a change of clothes.) We had six wine samples so Em and I decided on three samples and then I glass of the cab. I highly recommend this evening.

I can't believe my little babies are old enough to go to Prom. About a month ago, I asked Brandy, who I've been buying make up from for years, if she was free to do their make up. She eagerly signed up and was so much fun the day of. I loved playing dress up with the girls and watching them get ready for prom, I even went to the park for pictures. I may have turned into a bit of a dance mom. By this, I mean I asked other families to move so that they were not in the background of our pictures, squealed about elegant collarbones and proper posture, and made sure every curl laid perfectly and all of the lip gloss stayed sparkly.

J.Crew Sale
I'm not sure if this was online or just in stores but I stumbled into J.Crew this weekend and it was an extra 50% off of sale items. I'm talking silk camis for $15 and sweaters for $20. I was spazzing. While I wanted to buy the entire store, I opted for a light weight navy trench for $70! Perfect for fall and quite a few pair of tights (my favorites) for $5.

Modern Day Yuppie
Hens woke up extra early this morning and in my internet skimming, I stumbled across this New York Times article. I then fell back asleep and dreamed I lived in Whole Foods.

First Gen Students
I also read an article about First Generation students and their acclimation to college. The article discussed how it effected not only their community identity but their personal identity as well and the shift in both identities. I'm sure more on that in a latter post, but my wheels are turning.

Catch Up
On Sunday, I spent almost three hours on the phone catching up with some of my closest friends. I miss my closest friends and being able to see them everyday and week day connections can sometimes be difficult so I LOVE a good weekend of time spent catching up with my friends.

Four days until the next weekend. Henry and I are off to Florida for almost a week as of Thursday and we cannot wait!



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