Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One Year Blogiversary

I admit, I've been more than a bit absent recently. With making a career change, moving to a new city, and starting a new relationship, I almost missed my one year celebration of my blog! Considering every journal I've ever started only continues to about page 1.5, I am quite proud of this accomplishment and thank you, readers, for holding me accountable and supporting each and every post.

Reflecting on the past year, I think I started this blog unconsciously as a search for what was next in my life. I've never considered myself a writer and would have always chosen to solve a series of complicated equations over writing an essay, but I appreciate how much writing has made me grow. I didn't start the blog with a vision and big goal. Instead, I was eager to see it where lead me. My initial encouragement came from comments on my #ootd posts on Instagram, but surprisingly, the outfit posts were not the most popular. Admittedly, when I started the blog, I would do things #forthegram and constantly worry about likes, views, comments, and all of the other nonsensical metrics that accompanied the blogsphere of which I had decided to join.

What I've discovered through this process, is me. The real me. The happy me. I honestly feel like within this past year, I've truly come into my own, true self and I am thankful for the opportunity of blogging to lead me there. So many happy things happened along the way including being featured on The Everygirl, attending the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, taking my first trip to Africa, hosting events, and realizing my unwavering commitment to helping students navigate the complexities of the college application process to not only impact the enrollment gap, but the graduation gap as well.

I will leave Charlotte in a matter of days. Hopefully, move into my yet to be board approved apartment in New York City. Spend my final two days at Search Solution Group where I am trying to implement the "Danielle Leach Board of Superstardom and Fantastical Achievements" in a clear avoidance tactic of the reality that I will no longer come to work each day with my best friends. While there is so much I want to write about Charlotte and my time here, I am taking a mini-blog-vacation. I want to enjoy the present of my final days in Charlotte instead of focusing on how I will write about this time on the blog.

It's been a roller coaster these past few days of excitement as my girls walked across the stage at their high school graduation, sadness as I say goodbye to people for the first time, glee as I savor every bite of fried chicken and sip of sweet tea,  then eager for the coldness of New York winters as my skin melts off my body every time I step outside in the 100+ temperatures we are having this week.

Since I am desperate for eight hours of sleep, this girl is off to bed. Thank you all for supporting my endeavors this past year (all of them) and the ones I am about to take on. Without the constant influx of motivation, not sure I would be able to do it all.

Hopefully, here's to many more years together!



PS. Henry is glad to have taken part this past year too. However, he is already asleep and has no comment for tonight's post.

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