Sunday, June 28, 2015


Now that the chaos of the move has settled, I am eager to share updates on the blog. Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words and thoughtfulness throughout the process, I think I responded to every text, comment, FB message, and email and I hope I did not leave anyone ignored, although I realize that my average response time was significantly delayed. I have been working on a little piece detailing the adventures of the move in an overly dramatized series of bog posts. Stay tuned.

Before diving into my usual nonsensical discussions on the spectacle that was my move, I thought I would share a brief reflection on one specific recurring thought. Privilege. A couple weeks ago, I had an in depth conversation with a friend about some of the non-tangibles of privilege such as encouragement to question, exposure to environmental enhancers (like listening to NPR on the radio), and the privilege of voice (while we have freedom of speech, not everyone has the ability to use it equally.) All thoughts for a different posts, but as I made this signifiant life change, I consistently reminded myself of this privilege. 

The privilege to reduce my annual salary by more than half to make a career change. The privilege to still live more than comfortably despite this financial change. The privilege of parents who were able to take two days off mid week to come to New York City and search for an apartment with me as the process would have been too overwhelming on my own (and I needed a Guarantor, thanks Mom!) The privilege to work for a company that can accommodate your flexible timeline and even names a conference room after you. The privilege to have a parent take a week off of work, book two, last minute, one way tickets, drive a 16 foot truck along the east coast, and scrub the apartment floors in a non air conditioned apartment. The privilege of a Dad who is willing to sell your car for you because you were too intimidated to publicly list your car for sale. The privilege to have a week off in between jobs to adjust to life in a new city while being able to financially support myself. 

These are only a few of the many privileges that I've had the last few weeks. This city, this new role, the opportunity, all would not have been possible without my privileges. I think about the people who can't take a chance like I just did for the hope of a new opportunity in a city with a significantly higher cost of living.  People who are stuck in a position or a city or a life because they don't necessarily have the same privileges that I do to make a spontaneous change. 

I am so incredibly grateful for all that I have and those who give advantages to me. It would be beautiful if one day, we all had access to the same privileges, but for now, I will take advantage of mine and do all that I can to provide similar privilege to others. 



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