Sunday, August 2, 2015

Admiring Other's Passions

It's no secret that my biggest passion is education, in particular college access. I'm easily immersed in my world of excitement, that I forget not everyone shares my level for enthusiasm. Though disappointed, I have to remind myself that this OK. We weren't meant to all have the same passions.

I was recently reading this article on Barbara Bush and while at one point, I shared her excitement for global healthcare, my passion has now shifted. It's not that I'm ambivalent to global healthcare improvements, I find the work of Barbara and other similar to her to be quite fascinating, yet it's not my highest priority.

Last week, on social media, I was a bit disappointed in a few posts that appeared on my feed. While the magnitude of Cecil the Lion was certainly amplified by the media, if it's a cause that peaks someone's passion, and motivated them to speak out on an issue, let it happen. I do not see the value in belittling an issue someone cares about because you may find something else more urgent.

I'm motivated by education and self empowerment means to eradicate world hunger, nonetheless, I can still value the perspective of someone who may be motivated by global warming or elephants.

There are infinite number of causes to support and and choice is one of the things that make us truly human. We have interests. They aren't all the same. They're beautifully different which is incredible because it affords us the opportunity to learn from each other.

While I would love for CNN to do a Breaking News notification over the inefficiencies of our education system and the lack of preparedness among first generation college students, if people want the Lion, at least they are standing behind something.



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