Sunday, August 9, 2015


Each week, I have intentions of sharing more on the blog and then somehow, it manages to be Sunday again. I'm going to make this post quick because I am excited for an episode of Gossip Girl before bed. Priorities. 

Last week began summer professional development for all staff. While only hour was added to the length of my work-day, it felt like a century. The work itself is exciting and meeting the entire staff, as small as we may be, is still energizing and I feel even more invested in my work. I've found myself snapping obnoxiously and practicing issuing demerits on Henry. "That's one for lack of urgency. We need to quickly return home so Mom is not late." As fun as it's been, I find the constant socializing to be draining. There's a lot of "turn and talk" "share out" and I even performed in a revised version of Barbie Girl (I'm a DP girl, in a DP world... Life at DP, it's so gritty) where I danced and sang on stage.  I'm proud of myself for pushing my limits socially and trying to build authentic relationships with my new colleagues, but am seriously considering coffee. As someone who is more reserved and introverted in nature, the increase in energy has effected me. 

My parents decided last Wednesday, to fly to New York on Thursday. I love spending time with them and feel like our time together is never enough so I was certainly eager for them to arrive. Mom and I did a 5k in Central Park with New York Road Runners. I am attempting to do the 9 + 1 program, run 9 races and complete 1 volunteer shift before December 31st to qualify for the 2016 Marathon. I have all of the events on my calendar, now I can't miss a step, literally. 

Friday morning, with my urgency to get to work, I slipped down a staircase in my building and fell down an entire flight of stairs. The bruise is one of the worst I've ever had and I've certainly been in pain ever since. It looks like the growing of the bruise has subsided and now it's going through a phase of changing colors. Seriously, it's awful. 

Since I was injured Friday, we stayed in and I shared with Mom and Dad the greatness that is cookie delivery. 

Saturday, I tapped into an unknown talent of photography. I had asked my Dad to bring his fancy schmancy camera as there have been a few instances when iPhone simply did not capture the moment to the quality of my liking. When Henry woke up Saturday, I thought off leash hours would be prime time for photo session in the park. 

Close to 300 pictures later, it was suggested I leave the camera at home. I went on a frenzy snapping Henry, my apartment (pictures to come soon), Henry in my apartment, the sidewalk, the trees, the seal lions at the zoo, and I may have possibly played paparazzi to my parents. 

I even ventured out from behind the camera, briefly. I mentioned it above but on Saturday we went to the Central Park Zoo. That morning, my Dad and I watched a series of television shows on various animals while Mom went for a run which spurred the trip. While most of the zoo was covered in tourist and I get very anxious around strollers, small children, and directionally challenged individuals, overall the park was enjoyable. We even threw it back with a Dip N Dots treat. Then, as we were getting ready to venture to our 4D movie, we noticed the sea lions were a bit active. That is when we discovered feeding time was only five minutes away which meant that I was knocking children over for a front row seat, of course!

I love sea creatures. I went to Sea World Camp. I've seen Blackfish. Say what you want but these sea lions looked happy and I was equally as happy to play with them. I'm considering making this a routine trip. In my perfect world, I'd live in a house with Henry, sea lions, dolphins, turtles, lions, elephants, penguins, bears, and monkeys. Basically, I want to live in a zoo where all of the animals are house trained, smell lovely, and forget the laws of nature that may lead to kill each other to live harmoniously with me. 

Sam arrived Saturday evening which was the first time I've spent time with my parents and my boyfriend. I know, I'm 26 and this type of event is usually covered in high school possibly and most of my friends are married, but not me. I was excited for them to spend time together but equally as nervous as it's important to me that they all get along and truly enjoy each other's company. Thankfully, I kept my awkwardness to a minimum and we had Krista, Drew, two bottles of wine, and countless stories of the times when Krista and I thought we were destined for Hollywood (thank you 2002 for no You Tube) and make home VHS tapes of ourselves performing or hosting talk shows. 

Lovely weekend but here it is, Sunday evening, and I'm starting preparations for a new work week. I will do my very best to post more this week. I know you're eager for more snippets of my photography. 



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