Thursday, May 26, 2016


Sadly, my posting have dwindled down to once a month. In efforts to avoid one post in May, I thought I'd share a "recently" post for anyone who may still be reading (hi Mom!)

1. Truthfully, I've considered doing away with this blog. At one point, writing the blog and connecting with readers brought me so much joy. I frequented other blogs and loved interacting in the blogosphere. While I'm shocked that I've found a joy in writing, I'm not sure the blog is necessarily the space anymore. Earlier this year, I started a Word doc titled "draft" that has become a series of my rambling thoughts and while theres no opportunity for likes, shares, comments, or double taps in my Word doc, it still brings me so much joy. Undecided on this one...

2. H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line is my obsession. Every few months I go through an obsession. February was Love Yourself. All of March and April belonged to the Hamilton Soundtrack (still on repeat.) May has been the month of H.O.L.Y.. It could be because I am desperately missing the south right now but this song just makes me wanna sing ALLELUIA as I drive around with the windows down and the music turned up as loud as possible.

3. This article. It's wedding season. While I'm certainly glad others have found their forever best friend, I find myself wanting to take a hiatus from social media during these blissful months. Unlike the author of this article, I'm not engaged and I realize that by having these thoughts I sound completely bitter, but she said everything I've been thinking (and only shared with select friends) so well, that I had to include in today's rare posting. When I think of my closest, dearest, best friends, most of them are either married, engaged, or in a long term relationship. So if I had angst against the marrieds, I'd be pretty lonely. I'm truly filled with so much joy at their happiness and am happy for them but I find myself frustrated with the celebration obsession on social media. I wish we celebrated life's other accomplishments - graduations, promotions, ventures - with the same level of enthusiasm.

4. To prove I'm not a cranky old cat lady, I've started a new hobby - engagement session photography. By hobby, I mean I've done it twice, but I find immense joy in strutting around Central Park with my camera pretending to be a "photographer." It's also fun to have subjects without four legs that obey commands and don't require a treat to take a picture. All that said, I'm also subscribing to the methodology of take photos in rapid fire and of the 1,000 one is likely to turn out decent.

Mike and Margot 

Krista and Drew 

5. Birds. This may seem a bit silly but ever since spring has sprung in NYC, the birds have been overtaking the city. Each day, when I step outside onto the bustling streets of Manhattan, I live in fear of being attacked, by a bird. Unlike the mice, they don't scurry when they see you. The sort of linger. Then, you're in the awkward moment of who goes left and who goes right. And you stop and debate but then the little creature flutters straight towards you and you're left with no choice but to let out a terrifying shrill and then run. I feel like no one prepared me for this danger in Manhattan, the birds. 

6. It's also warmed up enough in NYC that I am no longer forced to take the subway. This is glorious because while I try to be all woman of the people riding the subway, I hate it. Maybe I was too spoiled by the immaculate subway system in Korea but I find the NYC subway cards to be a tad bit dirty and well, I can't ride more than 40 blocks without getting sick. I also get sick in cars of all kids - Taxis, Ubers, Lyfts. Made for a difficult winter but now, I'm happily walking everywhere I need to go even if that's a 50 block trek. 

7. Equinox. Ok, so during the winter when I never saw daylight and it was always freezing, I joined Equinox and it's definitely my happy place in NYC. While certainly a significant portion of my salary, I'd be willing to live off of cereal if thats what it took to stay at Equinox. Admittedly, I feel bougie and I definitely own that title but my gosh, one whiff of the steam room and I'll surrender because I love that place so much. 

8. Henry. What's a post without some Hens love? Henry has started to have some hip problems which means I've become a full fledged holistic veterinary in my natural treatments for him. I did a lot of research and have discovered this combination of fish oil and glucosamine vitamins that seem to be working. For now. He also needs to have a tooth removed which is going to cost us a pretty little penny. We looked into potential funding opportunities including becoming a host and hostess on DogVacay. One mention of potential fleas and we quickly aborted that idea. Meanwhile, Marco, one of our porters in the building, has taken to giving Henry treats and Hens has never been happier. Marco treats Henry to a treat prior to going outside and then, upon our quick return to the building, Henry consumes about 12 milk bone treats (I know, not organic, but I can't tell Marco that's not allowed.) It's now reached the point that if Marco is at the door, Henry will lay down and refuse to walk so he may swiftly return to Marco. Recently, our cross walk lit up and I tried to get Henry to cross the road to the park. Desperately needing love from Marco, he laid down, in the stripes of the cross walk, and whimpered loudly until I returned him to his feast with Marco. Definitely the epitome of first world problems, but it seems to be suiting Henry well. 

9. I'm going to The White House in June with DP and I'm majorly overjoyed with this trip. While the purpose of the trip is definitely to support scholars, I'm having a terrible time deciding if I want to channel my inner Kate, Michelle, or Olivia. Aside from catching up with Barack int he Oval, I'm hoping Michelle will show me her garden. 

10. I shared this already on Facebook, but I seriously get chills thinking of this


Danielle (and a sleeping Henry) 

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