Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm Back!

Oh my goodness! I took an unintentional (almost) three month hiatus from the blog and while I've written countless blog posts in my head, I decided to actually work pen to paper or hands to keyboard. I've been quasi-journaling (thats worthy of it's own post) but I'm back to share five of my favorites from the past two and a half months besides my epic failure at Starbucks for Life.

In July, I went home to Florida for two weeks! I pictured two weeks moving along at a glacial speed but between snuggling on newborns, obtaining sun poisoning, and throwing a surprise engagement party, the time flew by! I loved being home with my family and in two weeks, I was able to catch up with family, friends, my parents, college friends, Charlotte friends, elementary school friends, and WOW was it glorious. That's not even counting the copious amounts of sweet tea! Being home made me realized how much I eventually want to be home. Not too sure what that means but I do know that I don't want to be a plane ride away from my closest friends and family.

My precious perfect angle pie muffin cupcake has been rather high maintenance these past few months. Since June we've had a tooth removed, hip x rays, hip dysplasia medicine, upset stomach, ear infection, and a sudden dislike of the food we've been eating for years. I'm terrified to filter my Expenses Google Sheet and see exactly how much has fallen into the "Henry" category these past few months. Though tough on my bank account, he is starting to be back to his old self and I could not be happier. In June, he could barely walk. When we went outside, we couldn't even cross the street because his hips were causing him so much pain. It was heartbreaking for me to feel so helpless and while he hates his current medicine and I bribe him with an apple every morning to take the dose, he's doing so much better. Just last week, he jumped on the kitchen counter to grab and eventually open a package and while I was frustrated that he jumped on the counter, I was also elated that he physically could do such a thing so I rewarded him with apples!

Self Discipline 
I started NYC Marathon training in July and studying for the GRE in August. While both challenging in their own ways, I'm feeling stretched thin in terms of my self discipline and there are days when I really just want to binge watch Netflix with a bowl full of cookie dough. The weather is FINALLY starting to cool off so the past few runs have been borderline enjoyable. Excitedly, I made a friend who is also training for the marathon and now weekend long runs are becoming a bit more enjoyable especially when they involve splashing through every children's splash park we can find along Riverside Park. In full nerdiness transparency, I actually enjoy studying for the GRE. I have a vocabulary app on my phone that has become my latest obsession even though I have a difficult time remembering that the word doggerel is not necessarily related to a plethora of puppies and solving the quantitive comparison problems definitely gives me a math high.

Slowing Down
In an attempt to keep myself occupied on long runs, I started listening to podcasts only to discover that I really run best without any noise though I did find a few that I enjoyed. While I take great pride in my ever present sense of urgency, I truly enjoyed this TED Radio Hour on Slowing Down. I'm also dying to read Adam Grant's Originals and work on denying my pre-crastination in the hopes of being a procrastinator and more creative. I'm enamored with this thought so if you read or listen, let me know so we may discuss.

Back to School
Last week was the first day of school and I'm currently a whole sea of emotions as I prepare for our first ever graduating class! It's exciting but also terrifying and my inner perfectionist cringes at every hiccup I make but I also know that I'm learning and growing and the scholars are growing and learning and together, we will all figure it out!

Ok, that's enough for now. I have the best intentions of coming back sooner. I think I've set the bar pretty low so hopefully I'll be back before early December.


PS. I'm currently craving this handbag that I deem absolutely necessary for work. And these shoes which my feet need for any chance of survival for the upcoming NYC fall. And lastly, this sweater was made for me. All hail the bows and tassels!

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