Monday, May 29, 2017

Hi! Hey! Hello!

Hi! Hey! Hello! I think all of my most recent posts have begun with some variation of it's been a while since my last post and well, it's been more than SEVEN months so yeah, it's been a while. I think when I first started, I wanted to be my own variation of the countless of other blogs floating around the internet but Elle Paige and Henry never turned into professionally photographed posts and sponsored links that funded my wardrobe. I found that this became a space for me to share my authentic thoughts and I enjoyed writing more than I anticipated and much more than I cared about putting together outfit posts - thought shooting fifteen outfits in a day around Charlotte with Emily was a hoot and I'll definitely cherish those memories of our friendship. I wanted this to be an honest, transparent blog but then, I was simply too busy (ugh, I loathe that phrase) but I was also not in a space to write.

I felt like when I would run into people, they would comment on how "perfect" my NYC life looks via the blog and Instagram and while I understand people perceive things the way they want to, perfect simply wasn't true. The truth is, I don't love New York. It's not always sparking rose on the rooftop of the Met and it's typically more showing up to work soaking wet because the wind and rain were so fierce on the twelve block walk to work that my umbrella turned inside out four times. It's less Milk Bar b'day cake milkshake and more PB&J everyday for lunch because shockingly I don't have loads of dispensable income working in education. That's not to say NYC doesn't have it's lovable moments but for me, I couldn't write about my fabulous NYC life because I felt like more times than not, it's not that fabulous.

I'd been pondering a blog posts for months now but never worked up the motivation until the past month, when two separate people (neither one my mom) asked me about bringing back blog posts. So, last week I attempted to give the blog a face lift. I like the new title font and the all white, but I think I need to watch some Youtube videos to figure out the other fonts - they are a bit messy. While I wanted to stress over making everything look perfect before sharing, I decided to leave it because that's my new approach with the blog to let it be perfectly imperfect. I'm hoping to find it more meaningful to be present and posting instead of perfect. My goal is to post two times a week but I did choose a pretty hectic time to make this commitment (I'm moving at the end of the month) but I've never been one to shy away from a challenge so let's do this!

For now, enjoy these photos that a photographer took of my apartment for the rental listing. Though NYC has been tough, I have LOVED this apartment and will miss it (and the doormen) dearly.



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  1. Not everyone can say they lived in a beautiful apartment in NYC and much more importantly helped change and shape lives. You rock!