Thursday, June 15, 2017

Life: Two Week Countdown

I can't believe it. I'm down to my final two weeks in NYC. Only 10 days left of work. It's happening and I haven't packed a thing. Which leads me to a move update. Two weeks ago, I mentioned how stressful it was planning the moving logistics. Well, it didn't get any easier. After a few more hurdles, once I was ready to give up and hope that fairies would somehow magically transport all of my belongings from NYC to Nashville, I secured a plan that is carefully detailed in a page long Google Doc. Part of this plan and the reason I haven't packed a single coaster is that I'll be using reusable bins from Bin It that will be delivered on Monday. I'm excited about this mostly because I like to pretend I'm green and I think renting reusable bins meshes well with my Whole Foods persona but also it was significantly cheaper to rent bins than order boxes and have them delivered in NYC (yes, I made a Google Sheet for comparisons.)

Before I start bribing all my friends to a packing party filled with sparkling rose, I'm off to Charlotte for another wedding this weekend. I lived in Charlotte for four years after graduating from college and part of me always thinks of Charlotte as home. Yes, my parents house in Jacksonville is home home but I think of Charlotte as molding me into my independent self. I had such a strong community in Charlotte from my church to my TFA friends and though I know it wouldn't be the same (quite a few friends have moved away since I left) I would absolutely love to call Charlotte home again someday. (Here's a fun snap of me with the QC from that time I was featured on The Everygirl.)

A few things on my mind this week...

  • I really want to prioritize my fitness and healthy eating starting with my three week vacay in Jacksonville this summer. Its tough because I truly LOVE food and I honestly don't like vegetables but I'm hoping to have more time in Nashville that allow me to make a more conscious effort. The Everygirl posted this article and while there are certainly a few recipes I want to try, my main takeaway was that I should drink more champagnes since its the healthier, lower calorie option. 
  • I lost my glasses this week. I'm so upset because I never lose anything but I've searched the twelve block between my school and apartment frantically and prayed to St. Anthony countless times with no luck, so I have an eye doctor appointment before I leave. Kind of works out because I've been paying for vision insurance for the past two years and haven't used it at all so at least I'll be able to make something out of my $2 monthly deduction and I'll hopefully be able to stop squinting at my computer soon. I had my last frames for over three years so I'm excited to change it up a bit... wondering if I could pull these off
  • This may deserve it's own post but I absolutely LOVE Downward Dog on ABC. If you haven't watched it, I'm sure you could find all the episodes streaming or OnDemand somewhere and I promise it's worth the few hour binge. 
Have a lovely weekend!



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