Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Tonight, I have zero motivation to pack so I thought my time would be better spent writing a blog posts than sharing snaps of my lack of effort on my Instagram story. My bins arrived on Monday and so far, I have packed the living room, the foyer, and two hallway closets. Somehow, I hit the NYC closet lottery and currently have the equivalent of six closets. In Nashville, I'll be going down to two (both in the bedroom) so I am a bit worried about my storage and my accumulation of junk over the years therefore, I am trying to eliminate while packing. I'm at the phase where the novelty has worn off and if the fairies wanted to show up at any moment and pack my apartment for me, I'd gladly let them in. (Monica Gellar would work as well.)

On to tonight's post. I've read quite a few articles recently that I've enjoyed and thought I would share them here.

Katie Burke's Career Profile on The Everygirl 
I read almost everything from The Everygirl but I particularly loved Katie's advice to her 23-year old self. "Run your own race. Don’t measure your life as it relates to others, personally and professionally. And, enjoy it all — the cramped apartments, the late nights at the office, the dance parties, the long marathon training runs, the dates that don’t work out, the dates that do, the trips you take, the things that don’t quite go your way, and the fumbles you make along the way — they are teaching you more than you know." While this advice could always resonate with me, it particularly does now related to my move. I crave routines and predictability and the last few weeks have been tough with a flexible school schedule and extra time spent planning for the move. I easily get bogged down with the logistics and to-do lists and can become frustrated with everything but I'm trying to push myself to "enjoy it all." I play music while packing. I soak in the sights, sounds, and smells (unfortunately) on my daily walks around the city and have been taking detours to frequent some of my favorite spots. Instead of declining invitations, I'm saying yes to lunches, after school drinks, and walks through the park. This crazy- yet endearing- city will soon be a vacation destination and I want to savor the moments of my time here. 

Professional Praise Article on HBR 
I don't innately deliver praise and I rarely give compliments. In Charlotte, I actually worked with my therapist on being more likable at work. One of the techniques we practiced to make people feel more comfortable around me, was to give compliments. Yes, I had to role play giving a compliment. After much practice, I carefully chose my moment and decided to shout across the room to a co-worker that I liked their dress while she was doing dishes so naturally she couldn't hear me and the whole conversation was 1,000% awkward. Personally, I care more to hear about where I can improve as opposed to what I did well so on a team, I am quick to point out our flaws instead of noticing the strengths. I enjoyed this article because it pushed me on thinking less selfishly and how I want feedback, but to think more about who I am working with and how they would like to receive feedback. My Graduate Assistantship has a leadership component and I want to be mindful (particularly in the beginning) of giving more praise and establishing relationships. 

My So-Called (Instagram) Life on Modern Love 
I've always loved the Modern Love articles. I stumbled across this one today and identified so much with the writer's experiences. I'm not necessarily worried about my brand on social media but more so understood her desire to be "cool" or "laid back" in relationships so much so that actually hinders the relationship. All throughout the first dates, I'm incredibly self conscious (normal, I think) and overthink everything that I do and say. Even after a few months, I'm so focused on being removed and detached (at the fear of being denied) that I ultimately sabotage any relationship from happening. In my last "break-up" (can you call it that if you were never really together?) the guy told me I was too ambivalent. I specifically loved the blueprints, walls, and door analogy in the final paragraph. Now that I'm at least aware of this hindrance, perhaps I'll be better with the next one. To find out, I'll keep swiping. 

Before I return to packing (though I really don't want to) I have one final story story to delay the process. Today, I was on a walk through Central Park with my friend Alison when we stumbled upon a turtle on a busy pathway. He was clearly trying to find his way to safety but kept running into the fences around the lawns. Tourists were walking by and messing with the turtle so naturally, I felt charged to rescue the turtle. Seeing as I'm not 100% up to date on my turtle knowledge, we called the Central Park Volunteer hotline where I explained to them that I was on a path in Central Park and has come across a lost turtle. Quite the entertaining phone call where I learned that it is breeding season and many turtles wander far from the lake to lay their eggs. I was told to move the turtle to a grassy or wooded area and remove him (I guess it was a her if she was going to lay eggs?) from the crowded pathway. Naturally, I didn't necessarily want to touch the turtle but there was a willing tourist who carried the turtle to safety. Whew! Crisis averted and turtle life saved. 

Ok. Pack to packing!



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